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Find inspiration at the Spring Shiai

What a better way to inspire yourself or your child than watching people they’ve seen in classes perform great kata and achieve high ranks, like junior black belt, black belt and above.

On Saturday, March 21, New Paltz Karate and TOK Pleasant Valley and East Fishkill will participate in our Spring Shiai at Lenape Elementary School in New Paltz. The TOK Kinnelon Shiai is date time location. TOK Brooklyn gathers at date time location.

The shiai is the karate version of a recital or exhibition, where students get to perform and show parents, relatives and friends what they are learning. The shiai is a required event, if you cannot attend, ask your teacher to be excused.

Before the shiai, some students have been invited to test for a promotion. Those students will receive a green testing notice in class and are also expected to attend the shiai. After the shiai, we build community by having a wonderful potluck, called an enkai, sharing food and drink with our karate family.

There is an admission fee of $20 for those 12 and older. Please mark your calendar for this wonderful community event.