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Pinan 1 Practice Instructions

New Paltz Karate Academy, Inc.


This sheet is a guide for students currently studying with New Paltz Karate Academy or associated schools or programs. We also have a DVD set illustrating Pinan 1 & 2, as well as the Isshinryu basics. If you have any questions, please speak to your instructor. ☺


Moves in sequence

  1. Step forward left; catch to right (left hand catch to right hip); lower block left; 5 punches starting with right hand
  2. Catch (to front foot); look behind you (over right shoulder)
  3. Cross the back foot behind you; spin on your “toes” (180 degree turn on balls of feet)
  4. Turn Middle block (right), punch (left)
  5. Look back over right shoulder; step back right, elbow strike (right)
  6. Catch (to back foot); look (to left)
  7. Slide front foot behind you; turn on toes (90 degrees). Turn Middle block (left); 5 punches – leave the last punch out (right hand)
  8. Look (to right); side blade kick (right)
  9. Look; kick 5 punches (starting with left hand) – pull last one in to your belt
  10. Step forward right (back foot steps to front); uppercut (right)
  11. Catch (to right hip); look (to left)
  12. Side blade kick (left)
  13. Turn to front (left, 90 degrees)
  14. Overhead block (left); punch (right)
  15. KIAI; step back to ready position*This sheet is not to be reproduced without express permission of Mr. Levitz.
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