2024 Wellness Challenge


Need help making some changes? Start the New Year by boosting your fitness and losing some weight! You can win a prize!

To kick off 2024, TOKPV will be hosting a Five-Week Wellness Challenge and all adults are invited to join us for the journey.

Wellness? What the heck does that mean? It takes a lot to be a healthy, happy, whole person. This program will touch on many aspects of personal health, including nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress relief. Our objectives for these 5 weeks will be fitness and weight loss because those are common goals, easy to measure, and are affected by nutrition, sleep, stress, etc.

When: We will officially begin on Sunday, January 7 with a special class at the Pleasant Valley Dojo. The challenge will end with a party at the dojo on Saturday, February 10.


I hereby represent that I am physically fit to take the course of instruction. I certify that I have no medical or other condition which would prevent, impair, or become exacerbated by lessons or practice of the prescribed course of instruction. I understand that strict observation of rules and regulations relative to training is necessary in preventing injury. I further understand that the student is responsible for any result occurring from his/her failure to comply and/or is responsible for refraining from participation in possibly dangerous behavior or activities. Engaging in unsafe or unhealthy practices on the part of the participant may result in disqualification from the competition. In case of injury, it is agreed that the student's health insurance shall be primary. I understand that, in the course of instruction, instructors and/or other students or authorized persons will be engaged in conduct requiring physical contact; I give full consent to such contact as is required by training or deemed necessary by the dojo. Student/Parent/Guardian individually and for his/her successors, heirs, administrator, executors, and assigns, expressly assumes all risk of injury resulting either directly or indirectly from the lessons, instructions, and contests. Student/Parent or Guardian hereby releases the dojo, its successors, assigns, and all of its employees, instructors, and related persons, firms, or corporations of and from every claim, demand, right or cause of action of any nature, for upon, or by any reason of any damage, loss, injury, or suffering, which hereafter may be sustained as a direct or indirect result of such training, lessons, contests, or in traveling to, participating in, or returning from any of same. I agree that the dojo may use my or my child's name and/or image for promotional purposes. All modifications to this contract must be in writing and agreed upon by both parties. In case of any dispute, it is agreed that New York State Law shall govern. I acknowledge having read this agreement. I understand my rights and obligations as stated above.

Payment Information


Cost is $65 for current karate students. For non-students, it is $150, which also includes unlimited classes for the duration of the program and a uniform.

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