Traditional Okinawan Karate of Pleasant Valley Summer Camp 2024

Get outside, get active, and make beautiful Japanese crafts with this full-day camp from Traditional Okinawan Karate of Pleasant Valley.

Campers will learn self-defense through fun drills and activities. There will be daily enrichment including Japanese arts, crafts, and culture. They’ll learn from expert instructors on origami, calligraphy, and more!

WHEN: Monday, July 15th to Friday, July 19th, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Children ages 5 to 14 years old may sign up. If you require aftercare hours, please let us know. Camp is open to current students and non-students. No prior experience is required. 

Camp is $395 for one week. *Early bird discount of $45 if you register before April 1 (Use Code EARLYBIRD – EARLYBIRD2 for 2 students – EARLYBIRD3 for 3 campers)

There is a discount for siblings ($25 off for first sibling, $50 off for second sibling).

Space is strictly limited and our camp fills each year! Sign up below.

Please list all persons authorized to pick up your child:
Please list any previous or current serious illnesses, injuries, allergies, asthma, or other medical information that may be pertinent.
I give permission to Day Camp Staff to help my child apply sunscreen during the day
I give permission to Day Camp Staff to help my child apply bug-spray during the day


I certify that my child has no medical or other condition that would prevent, impair or become exacerbated by lessons or practice of the prescribed course of instruction. I understand that strict observation of rules and regulations relating to training are necessary in order to prevent injury. I further understand that my child is responsible for any result occurring from his or her failure to comply with instructions, and is further responsible for refraining from possibly dangerous behavior or activities. I give the dojo permission to use my or my child's name or image for promotional purposes.
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Our Schedule
Week of July 15 to 19
Monday 9 to 3
Tuesday 9 to 3
Wednesday 9 to 3
Thursday 9 to 3
Friday 9 to 3
Saturday -
Sunday -
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