Tickets for the June 2021 Testing & Shiai

We are having an in-person outdoor Testing and Shiai in NJ on Saturday, June 5th (rain or shine). The event will be held at the Pompton Lakes Elks Club, 1 Perrin Ave. Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

We strongly encourage you to join us and share in the important celebration of our Dojos and our new Black Belt promotions. This is an inspirational event where students get to show their family their karate and see others perform both forms and demonstrations.

Students of all ages are invited to attend and participate in the event in NJ whether or not they are testing.

  • All adult students who are up for testing will be scheduled to test in person in NJ at this event.
  • Younger students will be scheduled to test virtually on Sunday, June 6th, however, they may choose to test at the in-person Shiai instead!
  • If a child wants to test in person, please let us know.

Black Belt promotions will take place at this Shiai.

To attend the event in NJ, you must reserve your tickets online in advance. The price of admission is $25 for kids under 12 and $40 for those 12 and older.

Food and soda are included in the price of admission (Mr. Levitz treats for wine and beer).

Shiai Schedule

Please note: There are different arrival time for different people:

9:30 am – All students testing for Junior Black Belt or Shodan

10:30 am – All students testing for ranks below black belt

12:00pm – All students not testing and family members and spectators coming to watch the event

2:30 pm: The ceremony will be followed by an Enkai

An Enkai is a get-together of students, friends, and family of the Dojo after a special event, as an opportunity to eat, drink, and socialize (at a distance). You are encouraged to attend the Enkai, even if briefly.

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