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Bo Techniques Seminar

Sat. October 8th, 2022

Arrival 10am

Seminar 10:30am-4:30pm

Lunch 1-2pm

Ulster County Fairgrounds: 249 Libertyville Rd. New Paltz, NY 12561

This seminar is open to students in Divisions 3 and 4 who have begun weapons training or expect to begin weapons training before October 8th. Please speak to your Head Instructor if you are uncertain. The seminar will be held at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz. The event will be $160. This price includes 5 hours of classes and lunch. Pizza and salad will be provided for lunch. After the seminar, there will be a Kampai at the Fairgrounds,  my treat.

The deadline for registration is Thursday, September 29th.  Enrollment is limited – apply early.

Some topics that will be covered in the seminar include:

  • Musco Sensei’s Bo basics
  • Shihan Jenkins’ Kihon Bo
  • Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku’s 8-sided Bo blocking drill
  • Applications and hidden techniques of the Bo
  • Stretches using the Bo
  • Discussion of different types of Bo and the history of the Bo
  • Techniques that could save your life in an altercation
  • Comparison of Matayoshi and Shinken Taira’s Bo techniques
  • Precision performance of Bo techniques and Katas
  • Techniques that could save your life in an altercation
  • Techniques that will help you make the Bo come alive!
  • And Much More!!

This is an especially great opportunity since Mr. Levitz is the authority on how our moves are done. Mr. Levitz primarily teaches assistants and instructors, so this is a special opportunity to take an advanced class with an expert teacher.        


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