Welcome to the Traditional Okinawan Karate of Brooklyn Web Site

Traditional Okinawan Karate of Brooklyn practices Isshin Ryu Karate from Okinawa.

Isshinryu is an infighting system consisting of strikes, blocks, joint manipulation, throws and takedowns. Our classes study this style working with partners, learning kata (a series of moves stringed together in a form) and sparring.

Being a dojo located in the inner city we have a comprehensive self defense curriculum including situational awareness and weapons defense. A typical class is one hour long and provides a good workout, strength training and is a lot of fun. Our Dojo is an accredited member of the American Budo Kai Martial Arts Organization with several Dojos throughout New York and New Jersey.

If you are interested in trying out a traditional Okinawan Martial Art, please review our Schedule Of Classes and call us at 718 418-9892 to schedule a visit, or send us an e-mail. We offer two weeks of free trial classes, and a free Karate Gi with sign-up. Our Dojo is located at 248 McKibbin Street just off Bushwick Avenue